M.I.L.F. Money

Growing up in the 90’s, the moms in my immediate circle looked more like a Zellers flyer insert than a milkman’s wet dream. A loose blouse, sensible shoes, and big hair not-so-full of sexy secrets was the aesthetic I knew.


But the days of mom jeans are past. Here comes Fergie-Ferg, Dutchess, and spelling bee champ, paving the way into a new generation of motherhood; Moms I’d Like To Follow.

Let us assume the above acronym is in reference to Instagram and getting those product placement sponsors, as the video includes heavy-hitting social media influencers a la Kim Kardashian (among other Hollywood moms). It is very much eye candy, a theme not unfamiliar to Fergie. Saucy, sultry characters with cutesy, bubblegum-esque sets and hella-hot choreography, our girl Ferg knows how to work us.

A decade after her first solo album, with a baby in the interim, Fergie’s second record is to be released sometime this year.

Drink your MILFshake for healthy boners!

Meanwhile, my mom still can’t figure out her Facebook password.

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