Interview: Hey, Mickey Avalon!

“Someone gave me some GHB and I think it’s kicking in.”

Drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll — these are the life and times of Mickey Avalon. Born Yesche Perle, the now rap-rock star from Hollyweird, California has a lot rap-talk about.

Inspired by experience with hustling on the streets and having lived in a half-way house, Mickey’s dark and raw lyrics will not apologize for your grandmother’s heart attack — but your mom may forgive with the inappropriate amount of “Jane Fonda” (something to be researched). Mickey’s music-making endeavours began with some fiddling around on friends’ production gear “for fun”, and giving out homemade CD’s to anyone he met along the way. Like so many aspiring artists, sharing his tracks via MySpace proved to be a successful gateway for recognition. On the scene since 2004, Mickey’s tracks will make you feel grimy, infused with a feeling of oh-so-wrong-it’s-right.

Bring in 2011 and Mickey Avalon has gained a broader spectrum of recognition, having fresh new track Stroke Me (sampling Billy Squier‘s The Stroke) featured in TV spots for Bad Teacher (an occurrence he simply describes as “fun”), as well as a few gigs with Ke$ha before she was mainstream’s darling. Having been under the same management, Ke$ha was sent out to into the world of Mickey Avalon to gain some ground and teachings in performing; “They knew she was about to be really big and stuff, so they just wanted her to get her feet wet and practice playing.” They have also worked together on a song titled Sticky Mickey and crushed an apparent rumour that Mickey writes Ke$ha’s lyrics — a fitting yet confirmed to be false rumbling.

In other collaboration news, Mickey says he would like to work with Lucinda Williams and claims to love country music — an unexpected revelation from this underground LA badass. In terms of rappers; “I mean I like Jay-Z, I guess.” Already sourcing a mixture of genres, some good ol’ country would be an interesting combination with his nonchalant vocals. Mickey’s past associations include a rap group featuring Andre Legacy and Dirt Nasty, the now extinct musical collection known as Dyslexic Speedreaders. Releasing his self-titled debut album in 2006, new music has been a long time coming; “It’s taken forever to come out because of like politics and stuff.” You can expect “the same old shit.”

In five years, Mickey hopes to still be kicking in the music scene — “Better than being dead or in jail.”

After a long awaited appearance, Mickey Avalon made his way to Canada, stopping by a Thursday night party at Toronto’s Century Room. Crawling over the DJ booth onto a makeshift bar-stage and hanging onto the rafters, Mickey drawled over his own music as best he could, having traded musical substance for substance, in keeping with his perceived public image. The club regulars, after-workers, and sleaze lovers were overly receptive of Mickey Avalon’s less-than-impressive bar-crawling antics. Girls swooned and swarmed to present themselves at his side; “A lot of girls like to come to my show, so that’s good ’cause that gets the guys to the shows”. There were certainly more than a few lust-crazed eyes. They knew his lyrics when his conscious abandoned the mic. Mickey opened with a cover of Paradise City, which held up enough to be labeled complete, and somewhere in there we got a slurred-yet-acceptable rendition of My Dick — if there is a song to remember, it has be the one inspired by the most important appendage. Other (strictly) melodies included: Waiting To Die, So Rich So Pretty, Mr. Right, Fuckin’ Em All, and Jane Fonda (evidenced below). Multiply the captured footage by a grande total of seven attempted tracks and that was the entirety of set. The 1AM gig lasted an approximate fifteen minutes.

Although this Toronto showing was barely that, I believe in a Mickey Avalon comeback — the glam-sleaze rap rock performance we will always fiend for. “Have fun, get laid, lost your inhibitions” — courtesy of Mickey himself, a show guarantee you will not find as undiluted anywhere else.

Look out for Mickey’s second album to be released at the beginning of next year, an EP around July 25th, and a second chance coming soon to a venue near you.

Interview and Photos by Melania Fedyna 

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