An ‘A’ For Hesta Prynn

She told everyone to pull their stools away from the sidelines and create an ambiance of a “straight-up theatre show”. Taking the atmosphere from totally awkward school dance to intimate private performance, Hesta Prynn is not hesitant to stare you right in the eye as she coos tunes to your face.

That’s New York’s Hesta Prynn, stopping by Toronto’s Sneaky Dee’s Monday night while on tour with the evening’s headliner, Brooklyn’s Bear Hands.

I told you about this girl over a year ago, and my musical appreciation has not dissipated. Romantical electro-inspired melodies and interesting lyrics, combining French, rap, and high notes, Hesta’s performance was short and oh-so sweet. The set included about 6 songs, wicked guitar, and lots of choreographed hand movements.

Music-ness aside, I felt spiritually bonded knowing that Hesta Prynn is Team Gayle King vs. Stedman; You know what I’m talking about. These revelation-worthy tidbits were courtesy of in-between song banter and attempt at spontaneous audience Q&A. Also, anyone who rocks a Nirvana shirt and references Saturday Night Live, Courtney Love, and Oprah within the span of an approximate 20 minute set gets automatic soulmate R-E-S-P-E-C-T status from me. Now you know.

Check out Hesta Prynn’s video for Can We Go Wrong, the title track off of her new EP. Oh, and not to brag on her behalf or anything, but this visual artsiness was totally adored by Eli Roth, via Twitter. That is love.

And go here: Hesta Prynn’s MySpace.

Side note of the evening: This show seemed to have absolutely no promotion, save for the artists themselves posting dates online. Were you to try checking door times or cover, you’d have ended up questioning your own internet lurking skills. I for reals feel Sneaky Dee’s could have had a higher attendance list had there been at the very least an event page. End of moderate rant.

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