Those who are able to play guitar and sing, simultaneously, get my respect. Anyone who can play, sing, thrash, and crowd-surf receives a doubled-up serving of my appreciation. Enter Die Mannequin.

Friday night, the Canadian rockers played a home show at Toronto’s Tattoo Rock Parlour.

Wasted off of palpitating strobes and bass and deafened by sweet noise, Die Mannequin’s performance was insanely exhilarating; ferocious rock ‘n’ roll, for real. Lead singer Care Failure is rad-off-the-hinges and rocked the shit out of everyone there. Having had opening gigs for Guns N’ Roses and Marilyn Manson, these kids know how to own a crowd.

DM’s 10-track set list included singles Bad Medicine and Dead Honey (off their latest album Fino + Bleed), as well as Do It Or Die, Autumn Cannibalist, and Saved By Strangers. Care’s voice is raw and convincing, backed by band mates Anthony Bleed, Daz, and Stacy Stray.

Tattoo’s sound system felt terribly overpowering of vocals, but that onslaught of commotion is basically a metaphorical parallel for the audience’s eager energy. The club was a packed sea of black tees and eyeliner, a capacity well over the first-200-tickets-free limit. Save for one obnoxiously drunk lesbian-who-looks-like-Justin-Bieber attempting to crawl on stage every 15 seconds and face-rape everyone in her immediate surrounding, the 19+ crowd was appropriately rowdy and sans any potential enthusiasm-based violence. It wouldn’t be a concert without overzealous fandemonium, and this particular instance was probably based on lusting after Care.

The night’s openers were Darlings of Chelsea and Dearly Beloved, the latter who I had previously seen opening for Juliette Lewis. Bass and bubble-gun included, they’re a fun band all around.

This being the second-to-last show of DM’s Ontario/Quebec tour, you better prep yourself for any forthcoming gigs.

It’s Die motherfuckin’ Mannequin!

Japan sells beer to kids!!!

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