Marina’s Shining Diamonds

She is Marina. You are her Diamonds.

A bodacious brunette siren in velvet hiphuggers, black lips, and Toronto-bought thrift store jersey tee took the stage Wednesday night at Queen St. East’s Opera House. The show was originally booked at tiny El Mocambo, but a change proved necessary for the 19+ crowd that nearly filled the entirety of the venue.

Marina and the Diamonds aka Marina Lambrini Diamandis hails from Wales, UK, her surname literally translated to mean “diamonds” in Greek.

With a shimmering image that seems contagious, a trail of literal glitter lead from the public bathrooms to the stage. But don’t get it wrong; Marina’s vocals are so strong and powerful that she does not need to obliterate herself with extraneous factors and distracting accessories. There were no over-the-top props for props’ sake, save for 2 hand-held plastic hamburgers brought out during the performance of single Hollywood.

Prone to sparkly fantasy-inducing lyrics, a la “Drinking champagne, made by the angel who goes by the name of Glittering Gabriel” of insanely melodic-pop, it would be appropriate to call her tunes angelic — if heaven’s choir was to sing about mail-order trophy wives (see “I asked her why would you want to be a Hollywood wife, ‘Because I don’t want to end up living in a dive on Vine’”).

Marina took to the keys for a few passion-filled songs, infusing the air with smooth vocals, silence in between high notes (except for the occasional outburst from token fan boy #1, belting out some obnoxious screeches of mildly-crude appreciation).

A live cover you thought you’d never hear? 3Oh!3‘s Starstrukk, sung with heart and added depth, totally unexpected with lyrics like “Nice legs, Daisy Dukes, makes a man go woo-hoo”. Slow and sultry, it was honest, non-kareoke cabaret.

With three EP’s and a newly released debut album The Family Jewels, there is nothing rough about this Diamond.

Check out Marina’s new video for Shampain. It’s thrillingly dazzling!

“I feel celestial!”


  1. hello. just letting you know that your doing a great job.

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