The Thrill of Dragonette

Hometown pride. Dragonette played Toronto’s Mod Club on Tuesday, a venue well-accustomed to their electro-pop-rock sound. This time around, the place was sold out, air draped in humid anticipation. The 2010 Dragonette fan base is an eclectic mix of high-schoolers and loyal gays, each singing along to the collective variety of addictive tunes.

The band is now a trio, having always had an extra guitarist alongside Dan Kurtz on bass and Joel Stouffer on drums. Martina Sorbara picks up the guitar to make up for this, and the threesome works. Tina’s play-accent accented vocals and banter give off a casually radiant stage presence of pure audience entertainment.

The over-an-hour setlist was an arrangement of tracks off of first album Galore, and last summer’s sophomore record Fixin To Thrill; well-recognized single I Get Around, Competition, Black Limousine, plus Gone Too Far, Fixin To Thrill, Easy, and this year’s radio-play track Pick Up the Phone. Check out their CD for the rest of the goodies. Kaskade-collaboration Fire In Your New Shoes was also featured, another radio hit pleasantly received by the crowd. Check out its visually enticing video here.

Brand new songs performed were Summer of Sex and Volcano, which you can find on this month’s-released EP Mixin To Thrill, along with my personal favourite My Things aka “Get Your Titties Off My Things”. No shortage of poetically quirky lyrics in Dragonette-land.

The packed house — a long way since 2007.

Shy Child were the opening act; a super fun electro duo from New York and a great fit for the likes of Dragonette. (Check out Drop The Phone.)

A veteran of Dragonette shows, I can confidently inform you of your lack of life-enjoyment and general excitement if you choose to skip their gigs. Scan upcoming tour dates on their MySpace — a list which include the UK, Quebec City, and Los Angeles, spanning well into September.

Dragonette’s cross-continent recognition is well-earned. Do not second-guess. This is golden territory.

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