Juliette Lewis: Natural Born Rockstar

Toronto’s Lee’s Palace: the scene of Juliette Lewis‘s sights and sounds on Saturday night. Emanating an aura of a 70’s rock show, the Los Angeles-native marched onto stage to YMCA in bellbottom jeans and aviator shades, bee-lining for the drums to bang out an opening set. Her raw energy was incomparable, with rockin’ stylings that can only be described as groovy-punk-glam-badass.

The show flowed like beer at the bar, with not a dull moment due to Juliette’s constant bouncing and hair-thrashing. Highlights included philosophically inspirational ramblings and hating on the lame standards of MTV-esque tit job “beauty” and “Lady Gaga shit” — this wasn’t it.

In the middle of a North American tour, Juliette is currently playing with newly-formed band The New Romantiques, having formerly been with Juliette and the Licks, who disbanded in 2009. The new band’s sound gives off a  somewhat sultrier and melodically moodier ambience than her previous musical work, but nothing to be overlooked. Watching Juliette in numerous film roles (check her filmography and you’ll realize you’ve seen her in almost every single film worth knowing, i.e. Natural Born Killers, Kalifornia, Christmas Vacation), it is evident that her quirky-eccentric personality prevails in most all of her projects, and now, live.

Having been in Drew Barrymore‘s wicked grrrl power roller derby-themed movie Whip It, the crowd was infiltrated with ladies from the Toronto Roller Derby league. Basically, I got to see a concert and a derby bout on the floor directly behind me. With that experience under my studded belt, I’m pretty sure I would be able to handle the derby track.

During Hot Kiss, a bold girl decided to crawl up onto stage, managing to stay on and dance for a good while, forging a path of glory for a few others to join suit. They were allowed to revel in the spotlight for a minute or so before being escorted or stage-diving off into the masses.

Last week, Juliette Tweeted that she had misplaced a feathered headdress and white gloves (performance pieces), and whoever brings said items to a gig gets in for free. I don’t know if that deal held strong, but there was a constructed headpiece gifted to her by a girl during the show, met with a thank-you kiss from Miss Lewis.

The entire show was a great amount of length, ending close to 1 AM — an approximate hour-and-a-half set from JL. Two Toronto-based bands were the evening’s opening acts; The Balconies and Dearly Beloved. Check below for Juliette’s stage set list I was able to score.

With her blue hair dripping electricity and sweat onto a willing crowd, kissing the audience, accepting roses and gifts, and encouraging stage-hopping, Juliette Lewis is an energetic sex bomb riot-starter. If you happen to involuntarily miss her on tour, light some candles, jump around, and check our her single Uh Huh off new album, entitled Terra Incognita. You won’t be disappointed.


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