Street Love for Metric

Indie rock darlings Metric treated Toronto to a free show on Wednesday, August 4th. Union Station Square was the choice destination for the hordes of people who showed up, blocking streets and causing traffic, all to dwell in the rhythm and soft bass of Metric’s infectious melodic presence. The show was about an hour long, featuring hits Gimme Sympathy, Help I’m Alive, Dead Disco, and my obsession-of-the-moment, Stadium Love. Being an open-air street show, it was obviously incomparable to their concert at the Molson Amphitheatre just under a month ago; but from what I could tell, Emily Haines‘ on-stage energy was an equivalent match to that of a stadium performance.

I take issue with unstrategic view-blocking sponsor tent placement.

My fabulous line of vision, cock-blocked by the big media corporation.

Snooki was at the free Metric show!

Desperate times call for desperately rebellious gate-hopping (crawling) measures and sweaty backs.

Enthusiastic tree girl is enthusiastic.

Go Metric!

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