BlackBerry Presents: The Official Black Eyed Peas After Show Party

The Black Eyed Peas
have definitely entered the hemisphere of superstardom, and what else is there left to do but party like a rock-pop-rap-bar star? Celebrating the first of two back-to-back shows in Toronto, BEP took to club Muzik to promote their fame, which subsequently is being backed by BlackBerry and Bacardi; a dangerous combination.

The “official after show party” advertised a “live performance by The Black Eyed Peas”; in actuality, it was on decks, some mic-usage, and sans Fergie-Ferg. In keeping with their new image of club life and staying true to lyrics, the Peas have been hosting these after-show gigs all throughout their worldwide tour. That’s a lot of keeping-up-appearances.

Will’s almost all-night set was an arrangement of recognizable and well-received club tracks (i.e. Riverside, David Guetta, a Journey remix, etc.) and personal plugs Boom Boom Pow, Imma Be, and I Gotta Feeling, a few of which he sang over. The BEP entourage of the evening included band mates Taboo and, Printz, Dante Santiago, and DJ Poet. I’m sure there were incognito others.

Party goers are as party goers do, the crowd was majority girlies dancing too close to the in-ground patio pool while pastel button-up shirts looked on.

This dish is for the fan kids who will know what I’m talking about: The Dipdive crew was there covering the party, shooting a video blog. Dipdive is a BEP-themed fan site packed with content composed mostly by the Peas themselves, exclusively for fans. It can be summarized as an interactive site where you get free access to behind-the-scenes visuals and live streams from backstage at events. Those too underage to attend after parties will surely succomb to jealousy given the opportunity to peak into this scantily-clad world of bright lights and no inhibition.

This evening’s spotted: The OC‘s Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke), Shane West in a tight white tee, and Lyndsy Fonseca (Kick-Ass), all of whom are in town working on a project. Julie Cooper and Shane West hanging out together? It’s like an early-2000’s wet dream. They were all in the Peas’ “VIP area” booth, among other pre-determined sexy ladies who were scouted from within the crowd and asked if they would like to “party with the Black Eyed Peas”. Nobody said “no”.

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