For the Love of Love: Hole Takes Toronto

I want Courtney Love to sing to me forever.

After a hiatus years too long, Hole are back on tour, promoting new album Nobody’s Daughter. And they
stopped by Toronto’s Sound Academy Saturday night. All you had to do was follow the assorted eccentricities down the street, leading you to the end of the rainbow where a pot of gold was waiting in the form of a golden-haired rock goddess.

I imagined myself sitting in a small, quiet bar, maybe somewhere on the outskirts of town, lights turned down low, watching this musician belt out raw emotion. This is the sort of imagery Courtney Love’s music conjures in my mind. Cigarette in hand, swaying to the melodic notes. This is very much what was represented on stage, if you disregard the hundreds of dedicated fans crowding to get just a touch closer to the legend.

Mass amounts of bras were tossed onto stage (upon request) and there was humble banter in between songs, each tune being passionately belted back by the audience. New single Skinny Little Bitch and Celebrity Skin caused riots, havoc which I was fully caught up in. With Courtney drinking beer and smoking, the atmosphere created was a feeling of unpretentiousness and acceptability.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be in the presence of Courtney’s talent. A truly interesting character who has had ups and downs of various degrees, pummeling through to achieve things greater. There is a point at which people need learn to separate talent from personal controversies and appreciate music without extraneous factors. All of that is trivial, and once you subtract the negativity, you’re left with undiluted quality. It’s either there, or it’s not. In this case, it has always been present. Sometimes clouded by judgement and pre-conceived notions, but always waiting to be uncovered.



P.S. — In case you haven’t heard…Courtney Love read + responded to one of my blogs past:


Thanks, CL!


  1. hans

    great post!!!!

  2. I’ve been a HUGE Courtney Love fan ever since about 14 when I first heard her music. Coming from a broken childhood as well, hearing her music made me feel like it was ok to be one pissed off little girl, that I had every right to be. She was and still is empowering. I finally got the chance to see her June 30 in Atlanta, and it was amazing. I knew it would be, she could have sat onstage and read from the bible and I would have been pleased, but she blew everyone away. After the show, Miko, Invisible Dave and Taylor Mason stayed outside for awhile meeting fans, taking pictures, signing autographs way longer than most bands would have. I keep reading reviews of her latest shows, and they are all surprised and shocked that the shows are as great as they are. It’s Courtney Fucking Love. of course it’s amazing.

  3. oh and I really like your site!

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  5. Holly Not

    Micko looks so Oirish

  6. Holly Not

    The boys I grew up with were London Oirish

    so he looks oldschool familiar

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