Ass-Kicking Sensationalism

Kick-Ass is definitely over-hyped. Not because the studio’s promotion department is shoving it down my throat, but rather the intense word-of-mouth raves. My reasoning for the majority of the public seeing this movie as an epic masterpiece is in thanks to the characters of adolescent killers, consequently spawning shock value galore.

The plot: A typically-portrayed comic book nerd loner boy dreams of superhero-ism; boy makes superhero costume; boy strives to impress girl; boy meets other freelance superheroes (11-year-old Hit-Girl and Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy); and naturally, boy and co. get involved in high-risk criminal activity.

Gaining comparison to Kill Bill (mainly aimed at a young girl’s hit skills and some moderate comedic timing), Kick-Ass displays glamourization of violence and intensely choreographed fight scenes, which will appeal to some but not enough to override any weak subplots. The blending of a stereotypical superhero movie with an action thriller and spattering of dark humour is an interesting combination, but reeks of try-hard and lacks a feeling of establishment and stability.

This movie is MPAA-intended for adult audiences, but I feel as if the general viewing demographic will consist of awe-struck 12-year-olds and impressionable high schoolers. Contrary to Kill Bill, Kick-Ass lacks a sense of maturity; not because of the comic book theme, but rather a boy/girl teen-romcom plot-line. The Canadian 18A rating is slightly befuddling — but I guess it adds to the intrigue.

I’m not judging the inappropriateness of it all; on the contrary, I secretly wish I could be a bad-ass child assassin, which seems to be the appeal producing the overrated status of this film. I just do not see Kick-Ass as something to fawn over. Bloody graphics and drug ring plot theme, it is typical Hollywood sensationalism.

Also available for viewing in IMAX-3D, I think Kick-Ass will be less-impressive on the small screen.

Hit-Girl -VS- Kill Bill‘s Gogo

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  1. Sean Foster

    Nice review, I tend to agree with your thoughts. It was decently entertaining but I feel like people saw a different movie than I did when they start saying it’s a masterpiece or even when the detractors call it offensive. I thought it was too dumb/comic booky to be offensive.

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