Mediocrity, By Betsey Johnson

Thursday evening marked the finale of Toronto Fashion Week, and what better way to end the allotment of chicness than with an exclusive event at the Liberty Grand, right? Not so much.

Presenting, the Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Tickets to this public show were going for $40 a pop and there was mass-confusion at the doors, yet people didn’t hesitate to shuffle and stumble in even after being subjected to a massive entrance lineup. Seeing as the air was over-saturated with Axe, hairspray, and fresh spray tans, my mental state began to alter and anxiety set in before I even entered the venue.

The crowd was confused in itself, attendees including sunglasses-indoors-at-night try-hards, young girls in Betsey cocktail dresses like it was prom, lesbians who look like Justin Bieber, a few suits spattered about, all equally giving off vibes of superiority. I strongly believe that the entire Greater Toronto Area Marciano staff conglomorated and collaborated on matching nylon-tricot. To top it off, everyone and their frenemy was wearing some sort of feathered/sequined/veiled hairpiece as if it were a Victorian brothel gala. I think the official sponsor was Fuze, though.

The runway was set up horizontally 8 feet above the floor, with descending steps to a central catwalk. Along with the main event, a virtually empty neighbouring room was set up with bottle service and a DJ playing Top 40. A club atmosphere seems to be a Betsey Johnson show trending theme, as last year’s was held at Brant House to a similar, although smaller, attendance list.

The overall feel of Betsey Johnson’s line seems to me somewhat tainted by such events. The clothing itself is simple and very casual, as was the runway presentation. It’s all very wearable and average, but nothing to fawn over during Fashion Week, especially amidst spectacular designers with true flare.

Modelebrity Agyness Deyn was scheduled to walk the runway and DJ, but as people closed in around me like at a bad general admission concert, humidity overtook vague model-curiosity and my entourage-of-one and I sashayed on out.

As a P.S., here is a tiny clip from the beginning of the show.


  1. how lucky you were to attend such a chic event. did you have to pay to get in?

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