Two Cents Worth of Ke$ha feat. Courtney Love

What’s in a Ke$ha? She pounced into the mainstream seemingly out of nowhere, erratically conjuring questions of credibility, leaving behind a trail of half-hearted wonder and body glitter residue.

I met this character a few months back at an industry show in Toronto. From my astute observations, I decided that she was a sweet girl, giving everyone hugs at the meet-n-greet and appearing sober. This is in huge contrast to the performance, which had the presentation of a wasted live-band karaoke evening.

If it were not for sloppy interviews and appearances, I would have believed it all to be an act. That she is simply image-crazy and strictly playing a part — complete with day 3 binge hair. The following video parody takes note of potential contractual obligations.

No doubt of catchy tunes; albeit lacking substance (not the other substances), her debut album Animal was thrust out into the world to hoards of accepting and Ke$ha-impersonating 10 year-olds. This makes me wonder if the infantile demographic was a strategic marketing scheme, or is it simply that fellow 21 year-olds see directly through the lubricated transparency?

Meanwhile, in the virtual world (which, lets face it, is way cooler and more important than reality), Courtney Love decided to weigh in on Catastrophe Ke$ha. I found myself in a tweet and re-tweet evaluation situation with C-Love, who had been berating Ke$ha’s Twitter feed and offering to mentor her, from what I understood. Note the self-bestowed “suxx” on K’s end.

Here is a sampling from Courtney Love’s Twitter rampage, and my pseudo-mocking RT that started it all (read bottom to top):


What do you think of this idea?:

I chimed in with these gems:


You may be thinking this is all very pot calling the kettle black (which was the underlaying thought in my original tweet), but I feel like Courtney Love has a valued view. If Ke$ha has the opportunity to collaborate/chat/whatever with CL, girlfriend better ask “How high?'” and jump for her fucking life.

Update: This post is now officially Courtney Love-approved.



  1. Susan

    Kesha is an untalented poser – she literally makes me cringe. Even CL couldn’t help that hot mess.

  2. amen, susan. And brat.

    you know how i don’t like to chat about other artists but I find it really unlistenable and even more boring than uffie — smacking of ripoff and stale as fuck from two-thousand and oops — so even if the lyrics weren’t completely lametarded, it’s just like so fucking 5-years-ago-and-wasn’t-even-cool-then.

    it’s like piss-off-mom-and-dad music for kids whose parents bought them PLAYBOY t-shirts and cornrows in white picket suburbia.

    “Like remember that time Brad had that really cool party in his parent’s basement and we all listened to Lil Wayne really loud and totally didn’t even care if they noticed we dented their bottle of peppermint schnapps?”


  3. for lack of a better brain function/vocabulary atm: i think the more important aspect to consider is, why would courtney love want to have anything to do with kesha? why the hell anyone would want to help her out? and kesha’s making huge fucking dollers off stupid tweens, while courtney’s shooting smack into her pooter.

    sorry love, your time is over. it boarded the ill-fated trainwreck cobain, which everyone has a feeling you had a hand in de-railing…

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