Imma Be Rocking That Autotune

The Black Eyed Peas
are my favourite cartoon characters ever. They’re always evolving eccentric identities and coming out with something schticky. Trying to be anything but “2000 and late”, their current theme seems to be intense futurism; a world in which physical recording artists are no longer needed and technology takes over. An ironic metaphor for the state of the music industry, perhaps?

Well, BEP are out with a new video which features the meshing of two tracks into one vid, creating a pseudo-short film, complete with dialogue and musicians acting. Exhibits A and B: Imma Be plus Rock That Body, both current radio singles off their fluidly successful latest album, The E.N.D.

As much as the overall theme of their new “act” is somewhat sporadic (i.e. future mixed with partying all the time), this particular video is set in some sort of post-apocalyptic desert environment, which later transitions into a movie lot “city scape”.

The story begins with a band spat, Fergie dramatically storming out in a huff of brunette fiestyness, apparently getting into a state-altering vehicle collision. She awakens and joins in a budget bar, who appears to be consumed by a beaker of Absinthe.

Makeshift paper mache-esque giant break dancing robots serve as back-up dancers for The Peas in the Mojave. At least these ‘bots don’t turn into cars and vice-verse. Although, take notice of the super cool BMW product placement. By now, I would say I’m immune to such subconscious-assaulting reindeer games. (Be right back, going to ride my chopper to McDonald’s and get a makeover at the MAC cosmetics counter, all the while listening to BEP on my Dre’s and pretending to be a DJ.)

CUT TO: Average city street. EXT. Daytime. Enter The Black Eyed Peas. They make their way through this seemingly dead city, electric-shocking still figures with rays of funk, causing a surge of real people dancing.

Fergie in wardrobe as BarbarellaMadonna-Xena-dominatrix, futuristic-I Robot-Florida retiree-visor chic leaves me with feelings of confusion as per what to wear tomorrow. And Will’s Hannibal Lector-ate-The Phantom of the Opera ¾ bullet proof face mask? Let’s ask Slipknot with 90s teenage angst.

Ten minutes later, it was all but a dream. Unconscious Fergalicious, having knocked herself out, hallucinated these crazy scenarios and goes on to inform the band of “the greatest idea for a video”. You just know this was an actual occurrence. Something similar happened to me once, as well. I woke up and realized I didn’t have sponsors or a zillion-dollar budget with which to refurbish my stainless steel-corset-less life.

Honorable mentions: Studs, spikes and all-black-everything attire (even though the “underground” kids were totally rocking that shit pre-apocalypse. Just saying).

Disclaimer: I adore The Black Eyed Peas. These words are emblazoned with love.


  1. blackxblue

    i like the way you described and summarized the video.

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