Heavens To Betsey!

PS Betsey Johnson
Last night I went to check out the Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 09 fashion show in Toronto at Brant House. The clothes were cute, the scene, not so much. There were tons of people crowded around the runway, and I felt like an eager fanchild standing and waiting in between sets at a general admission concert. Not my favorite process in the world. The show was supposed to start at 11, but it began at midnight.

The whole thing was about 10 minutes, with Princess Superstar opening up the show, working the catwalk. There was a party afterward, but apparently everyone had somewhere better to be, so the place was dead by 1:00am. I was mildly offended.

Princess Superstar DJed the party with what I thought was a cool set. I was abandoned early on into the night, but decided to stick around, alone, like a creeper, drinking water and taking photos of my surroundings…which were minimal.

Overall, the night was weird. There were guestlist issues all around and it didn’t seem that well organized. This was my first fashion show, but I know it wasn’t the best out there.

I’ll leave you now with a photo of me, my friend, and the superstar. Woot!

PS + I

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