Irrelevant Lyrics of the Week: I

Amanda Blank‘s verse via “Loose” by Spank Rock and Benny Blanco (Bangers & Cash)

Wait, hold up! Oh n-n-n-no, hold up, I got some shit to say
Cause all you copycat bitches copy me all day
Call me out my name, Why don’t you come around my way
I got my cousins, baby, mother, and a brother on the way
Fake bitches want to be this chick but they not
I don’t lay on my back for tracks or sleep my way to the top
Sex ain’t for beats or backstage passes, Girl keep working that ass
You’re smarter than I thought, You got your heart on my man’s assets
Oh no, I cash those checks let’s not forget
And I fuck to bust nuts, Fuck a man’s respect
I rap for money to spend to keep my panties wet
And just to keep bitches mad, I keep bitches in check
Laying yourself, You’re dirty cheap like a hooker on the street
Revving your coochie like that Pucci that you bought off the street
I got mad styles for days, Your style’s been played
And everything you rock today, I did yesterday
Now girls I met, They wanna fight me
Talking shit, Just try’na spite me
Walk it off, I top it off, Now all you hood rats try’na bite me
Yeah, You had him, I been at him, Girl I own that ass
Little heffer hoochie mama please, You ain’t bad!

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